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Puppies for sale website with lots of useful information including a directory of breeders in the UK with contact details, location, telephone number, email address and breeders own website. There are many different breeds and types of puppies including full pedigree, designer and cross breed. The breeders will give full details of all the puppies they currently have available and usually have the parents for you to see. For details of any puppies for sale they have at the moment please contact the breeder directly or visit their website.
















Our puppies for sale directory currently only covers regions in the United Kingdom but will include international breeders soon. All popular breeds of dog are covered including labrador, springer spaniel, boxer, beagle, golden retriever, cocker spaniel, german shepherd and jack russell. The small puppies include chihuahua, shih tzu, maltese, bichon frise, yorkshire terrier, pug and pomeranian, cross breeds include labradoodle and cockapoo. Many more puppies are available and details will be updated very shortly. If you would like to adopt a dog the rescue centres usually have lots of breeds to choose from although their pedigree will sometimes be unknown. UK directory covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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