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Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Labradoodle puppies for sale breeders information in the UK, please contact the breeder for details of any Labradoodle puppies for sale at the moment. UK directory covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Name: Rosedaledoodles

Location: Longton, Lancashire

Contact: Paula Nordell

Tel: 07909 232836

Email: paula@rosedaledoodles.com

Website: www.rosedaledoodles.com


Name: Wiltshire Labradoodles

Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

Contact: Jane Le Coyte

Tel: 07771 882570

Email: jlecoyte@aol.com

Website: www.wiltshirelabradoodles.com


Name: Barleors

Location: Berkshire

Contact: Katie Rourke

Tel: 01344 291465

Email: info@barleors-labradoodles.co.uk

Website: www.barleors-labradoodles.co.uk


Name: Doodle Dogs Derby

Location: Stenson, Barrow-on-Trent, Derbyshire

Contact: Bev

Tel: 01283 703250

Email: bev@doodledogsderby.co.uk

Website: www.doodledogsderby.co.uk


Name: Tora Labradoodles

Location: Argyll, Scotland

Contact: Jackie McLellan

Tel: 01389 841238

Email: jackie@tora-labradoodles.co.uk

Website: www.tora-labradoodles.co.uk


Name: Ruby Doodle

Location: Mow Cop, Cheshire

Contact: Louise Burcham

Tel: 01782 513161

Email: louise.burcham@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.rubydoodle.co.uk


Name: Wheatfield Labradoodles

Location: Derbyshire

Contact: Sue Quain

Tel: 01283 703780

Email: suequain@hotmail.com

Website: www.wheatfield-labradoodles.co.uk


Name: Doodles UK

Location: Monmouthshire, Wales

Contact: through website

Tel: 01291 67 1521

Email: doodlesuk@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.doodlesuk.co.uk


Name: Not Just Any Old Labradoodles

Location: Ludlow, Shropshire

Contact: Lucy Hickey-Evans

Tel: 01588 660712

Email: mail@notjustanyoldlabradoodles.co.uk

Website: www.notjustanyoldlabradoodles.co.uk


Name: Doodlepets

Location: Ashford, Kent

Contact: Ian Thomas

Tel: 01233 861357

Email: ian@doodlepets.co.uk

Website: www.doodlepets.co.uk


Name: Annettes Labradoodles

Location: Felmersham, Bedfordshire

Contact: Annette Courtney

Tel: 01234 783164

Email: through website

Website: www.annetteslabradoodles.co.uk


Name: Madaboutdoodles

Location: Bedfordshire

Contact: Trish Coskeran

Tel: 01582 513179

Email: cass@madaboutdoodles.com

Website: www.madaboutdoodles.com


Name: Raisdoodles

Location: Herefordshire

Contact: Rachel Rogers

Tel: 07775 738907

Email: raisdoodles@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.raisdoodles.co.uk


Name: Labradoodles Inc

Location: Wiltshire

Contact: Mary Summerfield

Tel: 01963 32237

Email: info@labradoodlesinc.co.uk

Website: www.labradoodlesinc.co.uk


Name: KD-Doodles

Location: Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland

Contact: Karen Morrison

Tel: 01506 420225

Email: through website

Website: www.kd-doodles.webeden.co.uk


Name: Caitlin Labradoodles

Location: Warcop, Cumbria

Contact: Carol Gowing

Tel: 017683 41380

Email: cjgowing@gmail.com

Website: www.caitlin-labradoodles.co.uk


Name: Blodwens

Location: Tadley, Hampshire

Contact: Victoria Irwin

Tel: 01189 816803

Email: labradoodles8@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.blodwens.co.uk


Name: Lancroft Labradoodles

Location: Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire

Contact: Janet Langford

Tel: 01584 811851

Email: through website

Website: www.lancroftlabradoodles.co.uk